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Initial Consultation: In an initial consultation we will go over sleep habits, stress management, supplements, nutrition, and physical activity. We look at your history, things that have worked, and not worked, where you are currently, and your future goals. The aim is to paint a full picture of where you are currently to get the best steps in place for your health journey ahead. We will set 3-5 goals for you to focus on before our next follow-up appointment! The goal is to get you on the path to a sustainable healthy lifestyle without overwhelming changes. A healthy lifestyle is a lifelong journey, not a destination we reach and quit.
Follow-up consultation: In a follow-up call, we cover how things are going with the 3-5 goals we set. Anything you feel is not working well and what’s working great! Any shifts we need to make, setting new goals, and answering any questions you may have.
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The two-part class first focuses on what trauma and addiction does to the body and will cover potential adverse effects.  We cover a little on the nervous system to understand better how our body responds to stressors in life and through the healing journey.  Lastly, we discuss wellness practices to help the body learn to regulate and be more present.  The goal is to walk away with some positive, helpful tools to assist a person living life without drugs or alcohol and to know you are not alone in your experiences during your recovery process.
The second class is an overview of the best foods for gut health, raising your serotonin naturally (our happy hormone), optimal supplements for health, education on what certain nutrients do for the body, and a cravings chart.  While going through the recovery process, food cravings may get the best of us, so understanding why we are having them and how to counteract them, is key to reaching our goals. The goal is to walk away with the knowledge of how to eat for your health, assist in bettering gut health, and feel empowered to own your health journey.
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