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Christina Lombardo is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist who specializes in trauma and recovery.  A holistic nutritionist looks at the whole person instead of only food, for a more well-rounded approach.  She has a Bachelor of Science from Northern Arizona University and is Certified in Holistic Nutrition and Sports Nutrition.  As a trauma survivor and having struggled with alcohol and substance abuse, she noticed a massive hole in the health and wellness industry leading her to make this her focus.  She takes her education, life experience, and client expertise, to now teach others some of the best methods in nervous system regulation, nutrition, supplements, stress management, and sleep habits to aid in their recovery.

I know for myself when it comes to my diet and fitness routine, I often dread change. I would be lying if I said I didn’t. I have personal mantras I repeat to myself to get through change because I know it’s always worth it. I say that to let you know that even a nutrition coach struggles at times. Give yourself space to be frustrated, to have a bad day, and to know you can begin the next day again. Give yourself the grace to fail and start again; no one else will. My goal in this is to help you become a better version of yourself. I will help you learn about food, supplements, and wellness practices all to help you get on the right track and become self-sufficient in this journey.

I started my health journey at the age of 12 while watching a late-night infomercial. It was the first time I heard an adult say ‘food’ could be unhealthy. I write ‘food,’ because often what is in our refrigerators and cupboards, doesn’t count as food. Our bodies literally don’t know how to process it. At 12 I was introduced to hard drugs (marijuana at 7 years old), began smoking cigarettes, and drinking alcohol when I could and would learn decades later, that I had C-PTSD and PTSD. I also chose to be a vegetarian for the next ten years. That didn’t go over so well in a house that ate mainly beef, processed meats, and food but, I’m stubborn and persevered! Fast forward through the years, and I had several major health issues arise, many of which doctors were often at a loss as to what was wrong or even how to treat what they could figure out. At the time, C-PTSD was not acknowledged and PTSD in children was also not acknowledged. Doctors were well-meaning, but rarely did tests and always pushed pills and sometimes exercise, but never diet. By age 20, I was overweight and was beginning to suffer from aches and pains that no young person should have.

By 17 years old, I had stopped using drugs and smoking everything but picked up drinking again around 20 years old. My idea of eating healthy was a small salad, with ½ cup of ranch dressing on it, or one breakfast sandwich, instead of two, from my local fast-food place. I had an idea of what foods were healthy but honestly didn’t understand how to cook them or thought I couldn’t afford them. I knew I needed to work out, so I got a gym membership and was completely lost. Looking back, I didn’t even know I was doing pushups wrong! But I was young and could not only not afford a trainer, I didn’t see the value in having one. Not to mention, I would often get sick from working out, but didn’t have a correlation as to why.

Since Doctors didn’t provide any answers, I chose, instead, to fight for my own health. I wanted to be the best single hard working woman I could be, to the best wife and then mother. Many of my health issues followed me through life and kept me from being present for my family or even myself. I discovered, through trial and error, and a lot of Doctor’s visits, remembering, that not all ‘food’ is healthy, what works for my body. A healthy lifestyle is not one size fits all. I’ve learned that it’s unbelievable how much what we eat affects our overall physical health and mental wellbeing. My goal is to help you skip a lot of the same trial and error I went through. To help you get on a path to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, which works for you.

My degrees and certifications: 

  • Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Northern Arizona University.
  • Certified Holistic Nutritionist from American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA)
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist from American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA)
  • AZACES (Arizona Adverse Childhood Experiences) Training the Trainer 
  • Vagus Nerve Program Certification
  • Health and Wellness for Trauma: Sleep, Nutrition, Movement, and Stress Management
[email protected] 602.899.1769

Located in Phoenix Arizona.
Can see clients nationwide & international.

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Christina Lombardo Nutrition and Wellness
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